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MEDPACE HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 12/08/2016
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such Specified Refinancing Debt, together with a reasonably detailed description of the material terms and conditions of such Specified Refinancing Debt or drafts of the documentation relating thereto, stating that the Borrower had determined in good faith that such terms and conditions satisfy the requirements set forth in this clause (viii) shall be conclusive evidence that such terms and conditions satisfy such requirement unless the Administrative Agent provides notice to the Borrower of an objection (including a reasonable description of the basis upon which it objects) within five Business Days after being notified of such determination by the Borrower); (ix) the Net Cash Proceeds of such Specified Refinancing Debt shall be applied, substantially concurrently with the incurrence thereof, to the pro rata prepayment of outstanding Loans being so refinanced (and, in the case of Revolving Credit Loans under the Facility being refinanced, a corresponding amount of Revolving Credit Commitments under the Facility being refinanced shall be permanently reduced), in each case pursuant to Sections 2.05 and 2.06, as applicable; and (x) at no time shall there be Revolving Credit Commitments hereunder (including Specified Refinancing Revolving Credit Commitments and any original Revolving Credit Commitments) which have more than five different maturity dates; provided however, that such Specified Refinancing Debt (X) may provide for any additional or different financial or other covenants or other provisions that are agreed among the Borrower and the Lenders thereof and applicable only during periods after the then Latest Maturity Date in effect and (Y) shall not have a principal or commitment amount (or accreted value) greater than the Loans being refinanced (excluding accrued interest, fees, discounts, premiums or expenses).  The Borrower shall make any request for Specified Refinancing Debt pursuant to a written notice to the Administrative Agent specifying in reasonable detail the proposed terms thereof.  At the time of sending such notice to such Lenders, the Borrower (in consultation with the Administrative Agent) shall specify the time period within which each applicable Lender is requested to respond (which shall in no event be less than ten Business Days from the date of delivery of such notice or such shorter period as may be agreed by the Administrative Agent in its sole discretion).  Each applicable Lender shall notify the Administrative Agent within such time period whether or not it agrees to participate in providing such Specified Refinancing Debt and, if so, whether by an amount equal to, greater than, or less than its ratable portion (based on such Lender’s ratable share in respect of the applicable Facility provided that final allocations shall be determined by the Administrative Agent and the Borrower) of such Specified Refinancing Debt.  Any Lender approached to provide all or a portion of any Specified Refinancing Debt may elect or decline, in its sole discretion, to provide such Specified Refinancing Debt.  Any Lender not responding within such time period shall be deemed to have declined to participate in providing such Specified Refinancing Debt.  The Administrative Agent shall notify the Borrower and each applicable Lender of the Lenders’ responses to each request made hereunder.  To achieve the full amount of a requested issuance of Specified Refinancing Debt, and subject to the approval of the Administrative Agent, the Swingline Lender and each L/C Issuer, if applicable (in each case, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed), the Borrower may also invite additional Eligible Assignees to become Lenders in respect of such Specified Refinancing Debt pursuant to a joinder agreement to this Agreement in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to the Administrative Agent.

(b)The effectiveness of any Refinancing Amendment shall be subject to the satisfaction on the date thereof of each of the conditions set forth in clause (a) above and Section 4.02, and delivery to the Administrative Agent of a certificate of the Borrower dated the date thereof signed by a Responsible Officer of the Borrower, certifying and attaching the resolutions adopted by Borrower approving such Specified Refinancing Debt, and certifying that the conditions precedent set forth in clause (a) above and Section 4.02 have been satisfied and, to the extent reasonably requested by the Administrative Agent, receipt by the Administrative Agent of legal opinions, board resolutions, officers’ certificates and/or reaffirmation agreements, including any supplements or amendments to the Collateral Documents providing for such Specified Refinancing Debt to be secured thereby, consistent with those delivered on the Closing Date under Section 4.01 or delivered from time to time pursuant to Section 6.12 and/or Section 6.15 (other than changes to such legal opinions resulting from a change in Law, change in fact or change to counsel’s form of opinion reasonably satisfactory to the Administrative Agent).  The