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SEC Filings

MEDPACE HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 12/08/2016
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(b)With respect to all Extensions consummated by the Borrower pursuant to this Section  2.19, (i) such Extensions shall not constitute voluntary or mandatory payments or prepayments for purposes of Section 2.05 and (ii) no Extension Offer is required to be in any minimum amount or any minimum increment, provided that the Borrower may at its election specify as a condition (a “Minimum Extension Condition”) to consummating any such Extension that a minimum amount (to be determined and specified in the relevant Extension Offer in the Borrower’s sole discretion and which may be waived by the Borrower) of Term Loans or Revolving Credit Commitments (as applicable) of any or all applicable Tranches be tendered.  The Administrative Agent and the Lenders hereby consent to the Extensions and the other transactions contemplated by this Section 2.19 (including payment of any interest, fees or premium in respect of any Extended Term Loans and/or Extended Revolving Credit Commitments on the such terms as may be set forth in the relevant Extension Offer) and hereby waive the requirements of any provision of this Agreement or any other Loan Document that may otherwise prohibit any such Extension or any other transaction contemplated by this Section 2.19.

(c)No consent of any Lender or the Administrative Agent shall be required to effectuate any Extensions, other than (A) the consent of each Lender agreeing to such Extension with respect to one or more of its Term Loans and/or Revolving Credit Commitments (or a portion thereof) and (B) with respect to any Extension of any Revolving Credit Commitments, the consent of the L/C Issuers and the Swingline Lender, to the extent the Swingline Facility is to be extended, which consents shall not be unreasonably withheld, delayed or conditioned.  All Extended Term Loans, Extended Revolving Credit Commitments and all obligations in respect thereof shall be Obligations under this Agreement and the other Loan Documents that are secured by the Collateral on a pari passu basis with all other applicable Obligations under this Agreement and the other Loan Documents and shall have no greater security or guarantees than the Tranche from which they were extended.  The Lenders hereby irrevocably authorize the Administrative Agent to enter into amendments to this Agreement and the other Loan Documents with the Borrower as may be necessary or appropriate in order to establish new tranches or sub-tranches in respect of Revolving Credit Commitments or Term Loans so extended and such technical amendments as may be necessary or appropriate in the reasonable opinion of the Administrative Agent and the Borrower in connection with the establishment of such new tranches or sub-tranches, in each case on terms consistent with this Section 2.19.  All such amendments entered into with the Borrower by the Administrative Agent hereunder shall be binding and conclusive on the Lenders.

(d)In connection with any Extension, the Borrower shall provide the Administrative Agent at least five Business Days’ (or such shorter period as may be agreed by the Administrative Agent) prior written notice thereof, and shall agree to such procedures (including rendering timing, rounding and other adjustments and to ensure reasonable administrative management of the credit facilities hereunder after such Extension), if any, as may be established by, or acceptable to, the Administrative Agent, in each case acting reasonably to accomplish the purposes of this Section 2.19.

(e)In the event that the Administrative Agent determines in its sole discretion that the allocation of Extended Revolving Credit Commitments of a given Tranche of Extended Revolving Credit Commitments to a given Lender was incorrectly determined as a result of manifest administrative error in the receipt and processing of an election by such Lender to extend all or a portion of its Revolving Credit Commitments timely submitted by such Lender in accordance with the procedures set forth in the applicable documentation governing such Extension, then the Administrative Agent, the Borrower and such affected Lender may (and hereby are authorized to), in their sole discretion and without the consent of any other Lender, enter into an amendment to this Agreement and the other Loan Documents (each, a “Corrective Revolving Credit Extension Amendment”) within 15 days following the effective date of such Extension, which Corrective Revolving Credit Extension Amendment shall (i) provide for the conversion and extension of Extended Revolving Credit Commitments of the applicable Tranche of Extended Revolving Credit Commitments into which such other Revolving Credit Commitments were initially converted, in the