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SEC Filings

MEDPACE HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 12/08/2016
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For the avoidance of doubt, the term “Lender” shall, for purposes of this Section 3.01, include any L/C Issuer.


On or before the date any Person becomes the Administrative Agent hereunder, (i) if such Person is a U.S. Person, it shall deliver to the Borrower a duly completed original of IRS Form W-9 certifying that it is exempt from U.S. federal backup withholding; or (ii) if such Person is not a U.S. Person, it shall deliver to the Borrower a duly completed original U.S. branch withholding certificate on IRS Form W-8IMY evidencing its agreement with the Borrower to be treated as a U.S. Person, with the effect that the Loan Parties will be entitled to make payments hereunder to the Administrative Agent without withholding or deduction on account of U.S. federal withholding Tax.

Section 3.02Currency Equivalents.

(a)The Administrative Agent shall determine the Dollar Amount of each Revolving Credit Loan denominated in an Alternative Currency and L/C Obligation in respect of Letters of Credit denominated in an Alternative Currency (i) as of the first day of each Interest Period applicable thereto and (ii) as of the end of each fiscal quarter of the Borrower, and shall promptly notify the Borrower and the Lenders of each Dollar Amount so determined by it.  Each such determination shall be based on the Exchange Rate (x) on the date of the related Request for Credit Extension for purposes of the initial such determination for any Revolving Credit Loan or Letter of Credit and (y) on the fourth Business Day prior to the date as of which such Dollar Amount is to be determined, for purposes of any subsequent determination (any such date pursuant to clauses (x) or (y), an “Exchange Rate Reset Date”).

(b)If after giving effect to any such determination of a Dollar Amount for any outstanding Revolving Credit Loans or Letters of Credit denominated in an Alternative Currency, (i) the sum of the Total Revolving Credit Outstandings under any Revolving Facility exceeds the  Revolving Credit Commitments then in effect under such Revolving Facility by 5.0% or more or (ii) the Dollar Amount for all outstanding Revolving Credit Loans and Letters of Credit denominated in an Alternative Currency exceeds the Alternative Currency Sublimit then in effect by 5.0% or more, in each case the Borrower shall, within five Business Days of receipt of notice thereof from the Administrative Agent setting forth such calculation in reasonable detail, prepay the applicable outstanding Dollar Amount of the Revolving Credit Loans denominated in Alternative Currencies or take other action as the Administrative Agent, in its discretion, may direct (including Cash Collateralization of the applicable L/C Obligations in amounts from time to time equal to such excess) to the extent necessary to eliminate any such excess.

Section 3.03Illegality.

(a)If any Lender reasonably determines that any Law has made it unlawful, or that any Governmental Authority has asserted that it is unlawful, for any Lender or its applicable Lending Office to make, maintain or fund Loans whose interest is determined by reference to the Eurocurrency Rate (whether denominated in Dollars or an Alternative Currency), or to determine or charge interest rates based upon the Adjusted Eurocurrency Rate, or any Governmental Authority has imposed material restrictions on the authority of such Lender to purchase or sell, or to take deposits of, any Alternative Currency in the applicable interbank market, then, on notice thereof by such Lender to the Borrower through the Administrative Agent, (i) any obligation of such Lender to make or continue Eurocurrency Rate Loans in the affected currency or currencies or to convert Base Rate Loans to Eurocurrency Rate Loans shall be suspended and (ii) if such notice asserts the illegality of such Lender making or maintaining Base Rate Loans the interest rate on which is determined by reference to the Adjusted Eurocurrency Rate component of the Base Rate, the interest rate on which Base Rate Loans of such Lender, shall, if necessary to avoid such illegality, be determined by the Administrative Agent without reference to the Eurocurrency Rate component of the Base Rate, in each case until such Lender notifies the Administrative Agent and the