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SEC Filings

MEDPACE HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 12/08/2016
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Compliance Certificate signed by a Responsible Officer of the Borrower (which delivery may, unless the Administrative Agent or a Lender requests executed originals, be by electronic communication including fax or email and shall be deemed to be an original authentic counterpart thereof for all purposes), it being understood that such Compliance Certificate shall contain a calculation of the financial covenants set forth in Section 7.10;

(c)promptly after the same are available, copies of all reports on Form 8-K, Form S-3 and Form S-4 (or any other forms that may be substituted therefor) which the Borrower may file or be required to file with the SEC or with any Governmental Authority that may be substituted therefor, or with any national securities exchange, and in any case not otherwise required to be delivered to the Administrative Agent pursuant hereto;

(d)promptly after the furnishing thereof, copies of any requests or notices received by any Loan Party (other than in the ordinary course of business) and copies of any statement or report furnished to any holder of debt securities or loans of any Loan Party or of any of its Subsidiaries, in each case pursuant to the terms of any Indebtedness that is secured by a pari passu security interest in the Collateral, any Junior Financing or any Unsecured Financing, in each case in a principal amount greater than $20,000,000 and not otherwise required to be furnished to the Lenders pursuant to any other clause of this Section 6.02;

(e)promptly after the receipt thereof by any member of the Restricted Group, copies of each notice or other correspondence received from the SEC (or comparable agency in any applicable non-U.S. jurisdiction) concerning any material investigation or other material inquiry by such agency regarding financial or other operational results of any member of the Restricted Group;

(f)promptly after the assertion or occurrence thereof, notice of any action arising under any Environmental Law against or of any noncompliance by any member of the Restricted Group with any Environmental Law or Environmental Permit that could reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect;

(g)together with the delivery of each Compliance Certificate pursuant to Section 6.02(b) pertaining to the delivery of annual financials pursuant to Section 6.01(a), a report supplementing Schedules 5.12 and 5.16 to the extent necessary so that the related representation and warranty would be true and correct if made as of the date of such Compliance Certificate; and

(h)promptly, such additional information regarding the business, legal, financial or corporate affairs of any member of the Restricted Group as the Administrative Agent or any Lender through the Administrative Agent may from time to time reasonably request.

Documents required to be delivered pursuant to Section 6.01(a), (b), (c) or (d) or Section 6.02(c) or (e) (or to the extent any such documents are included in materials otherwise filed with the SEC) may be delivered electronically and if so delivered, shall be deemed to have been delivered on the date on which such documents are sent by electronic mail or posted on the Borrower’s behalf on the Platform or another relevant internet or intranet website, if any, to which each Lender and the Administrative Agent have access (whether a commercial, third-party website or whether sponsored by the Administrative Agent); provided that: (i) upon the reasonable written request by the Administrative Agent, the Borrower shall deliver paper copies of such documents to the Administrative Agent for further distribution to each Lender until a written request to cease delivering paper copies is given by the Administrative Agent or such Lender and (ii) the Borrower shall notify (which may be by facsimile or electronic mail) the Administrative Agent of the posting of any such documents.  The Administrative Agent