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MEDPACE HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 12/08/2016
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(v)other non-cash charges, expenses or losses (excluding any such non-cash charge, expense or loss to the extent that it represents an accrual of or reserve for cash expenses in any future period, an amortization of a prepaid cash expense that was paid in a prior period, or write-off or write-down of reserves with respect to, current assets but including (A) any non-cash increase in expenses resulting from the revaluation of inventory (including any impact of changes to inventory valuation policy methods including changes in capitalization and variances), (B) charges recognized in relation to post-retirement benefits as a result of the application of FASB ASC 715 or other charges necessary to adjust the defined benefit pension expense to reflect service

cost only, (C) non-cash losses on minority interests owned by any member of the Restricted Group, (D) the non-cash impact of accounting changes or restatements, (E) non-cash fair value adjustments in Investments, and (F) any other non-cash losses and expenses resulting from fair value accounting required by the applicable standard under GAAP and related interpretations), all as determined on a consolidated basis,


(vi)restructuring charges, accruals or reserves and business optimization expense, including any restructuring costs and integration costs incurred in connection with Permitted Acquisitions after the Closing Date, project start-up costs, costs related to the closure, relocation, reconfiguration and/or consolidation of facilities and costs to relocate employees, integration and transaction costs, retention charges, severance, contract termination costs, recruiting and signing bonuses and expenses, future lease commitments, systems establishment costs, conversion costs and excess pension charges and consulting fees, expenses attributable to the implementation of costs savings initiatives, costs associated with tax projects/audits and costs consisting of professional consulting or other fees relating to any of the foregoing,




Schedule 2-2