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SEC Filings

MEDPACE HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 12/08/2016
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Environmental Laws” means any and all applicable federal, state, local and foreign statutes, laws, including common law, regulations, ordinances, rules, judgments, orders, decrees, permits, concessions, grants, franchises or licenses promulgated or issued by a Governmental Authority relating to pollution, the protection of the environment, human health (to the extent relating to exposure to Hazardous Materials) or safety, including those related to Hazardous Materials.

Environmental Liability” means any liability, contingent or otherwise (including any liability for damages, costs of environmental remediation, monitoring or oversight by a Governmental Authority, fines, penalties or indemnities), of the Borrower, any other Loan Party or any of their respective Subsidiaries directly or indirectly resulting from or based upon (a) any actual or alleged violation of any Environmental Law, (b) the generation, use, handling, transportation, storage, treatment or disposal of any Hazardous Materials, (c) human exposure to any Hazardous Materials, (d) the release or threatened release of any Hazardous Materials into the environment or (e) any contract, agreement or other binding consensual arrangement pursuant to which liability is assumed or imposed with respect to any of the foregoing.

Environmental Permit” means any permit, approval, identification number, license or other authorization required under any Environmental Law.

Equity Interests” means, with respect to any Person, all of the shares, equity certificates, interests, rights, participations or other equivalents (however designated) of capital stock of (or other ownership or profit interests or units in) such Person and all of the warrants, options or other rights for the purchase, acquisition or exchange from such Person of any of the foregoing (including through convertible securities).

Equity Issuance” means any issuance for cash by any Person to any other Person of (a) its Equity Interests, (b) any of its Equity Interests pursuant to the exercise of options or warrants, (c) any of its Equity Interests pursuant to the conversion of any debt securities to equity or (d) any options or warrants relating to its Equity Interests.

ERISA” means the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, and the rules and regulations thereunder, each as amended or modified from time to time.

ERISA Affiliate” means any Person who together with any Loan Party is treated as a single employer within the meaning of Section 414(b) or (c) of the Code (and Sections 414(m) and (o) of the Code for purposes of provisions relating to Section 412 of the Code) or Section 4001 of ERISA.

ERISA Event” means (a) a Reportable Event with respect to a Plan; (b) the withdrawal of any Loan Party or any ERISA Affiliate from a Plan subject to Section 4063 of ERISA during a plan year in which such entity was a “substantial employer” (as defined in Section 4001(a)(2) of ERISA) or a cessation of operations that is treated as such a withdrawal under Section 4062(e) of ERISA; (c) a complete or partial withdrawal by any Loan Party or any ERISA Affiliate from a Multiemployer Plan or notification that a Multiemployer Plan is insolvent (within the meaning of Section 4245 of ERISA); (d) the filing of a notice of intent to terminate a Plan or the treatment of a Plan or Multiemployer Plan amendment as a termination under Section 4041 or 4041A of ERISA, respectively, (e) the institution by the PBGC of proceedings to terminate a Plan or Multiemployer Plan; (f) an event or condition which constitutes grounds under Section 4042 of ERISA for the termination of, or the appointment of a trustee to administer, any Plan or Multiemployer Plan; (g) the determination that any Plan is considered an at risk plan within the meaning of Section 430 of the Code or Section 303 of ERISA; (h) the determination that any Multiemployer Plan is considered a plan in endangered or critical status within the meaning of Section 432 of the Code or Section  305 of ERISA; (i) the imposition of any liability under Title IV of ERISA, other than for PBGC premiums due but not delinquent under Section 4007 of ERISA, upon any Loan Party or any ERISA