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SEC Filings

MEDPACE HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 12/08/2016
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period most recently then ended for which financial statements have been delivered pursuant to Section 6.01(a) or (b), as applicable, to (b) Consolidated Interest Expense for such period.

Interest Payment Date” means, (a) as to any Loan other than a Base Rate Loan, the last day of each Interest Period applicable to such Loan and the Maturity Date of the Facility under which such Loan was made; provided, however, that if any Interest Period for a Eurocurrency Rate Loan exceeds three months, the respective dates that fall every three months after the beginning of such Interest Period shall also be Interest Payment Dates; and (b) as to any Base Rate Loan (including a Swingline Loan), the last Business Day of each March, June, September and December and the Maturity Date of the Facility under which such Loan was made (commencing with the last Business Day of December 2016).

Interest Period” means, as to each Eurocurrency Rate Loan, the period commencing on the date such Eurocurrency Rate Loan is disbursed or converted to or continued as a Eurocurrency Rate Loan and ending on the date one, two, three or six months thereafter (or, with respect to the Interest Period beginning on the Closing Date, an Interest Period ending on December 30, 2016), or to the extent consented to by all Appropriate Lenders, twelve months thereafter (or such shorter interest period as may be agreed to by all Appropriate Lenders), as selected by the Borrower in a Committed Loan Notice; provided that:

(a)any Interest Period that would otherwise end on a day that is not a Business Day shall be extended to the next succeeding Business Day unless such Business Day falls in another calendar month, in which case such Interest Period shall end on the next preceding Business Day;

(b)any Interest Period that begins on the last Business Day of a calendar month (or on a day for which there is no numerically corresponding day in the calendar month at the end of such Interest Period) shall end on the last Business Day of the calendar month at the end of such Interest Period; and

(c)no Interest Period shall extend beyond the scheduled Maturity Date of the Facility under which such Loan was made.

Investment” means, as to any Person, any direct or indirect acquisition or investment by such Person, whether by means of (a) the purchase or other acquisition of Equity Interests or debt or other securities of another Person, (b) a loan, advance or capital contribution to, Guarantee or assumption of debt of, or purchase or other acquisition of any other debt or equity participation or interest in, another Person, including any partnership or joint venture interest in such other Person and any arrangement pursuant to which the investor incurs debt of the type referred to in clause (h) of the definition of “Indebtedness” in respect of such Person or (c) the purchase or other acquisition (in one transaction or a series of transactions) of all or substantially all of the property and assets or business of another Person or assets constituting a business unit, line of business or division of such Person.  For purposes of covenant compliance, the amount of any Investment shall be the amount actually invested (measured at the time made), without adjustment for subsequent increases or decreases in the value of such Investment but, giving effect to any returns or distributions of capital or repayment of principal actually received in cash by such Person with respect thereto (but only to the extent that the aggregate amount of all such returns, distributions and repayments with respect to such Investment does not exceed the principal amount of such Investment and less any such amounts which increase the Cumulative Credit).

IP Rights” has the meaning specified in Section 5.16.

IRS” means the United States Internal Revenue Service.