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SEC Filings

MEDPACE HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 12/08/2016
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Total Revolving Credit Outstandings” means the aggregate Outstanding Amount of all Revolving Credit Loans, Swingline Loans and L/C Obligations.

Tranche” means any Term Loan Tranche or any Revolving Facility.

Transaction” means, collectively, (a) the Borrower obtaining the Facilities and the initial borrowings of Loans on the Closing Date, (b) the Existing Credit Agreement Refinancing, (c) the financing on the Closing Date of working capital requirements and other general corporate purposes of the Borrower (including share repurchases) and (d) the payment of all fees, costs and expenses incurred in connection with the transactions described in the foregoing provisions of this definition (the “Transaction Costs”), and “Transactions” shall have a corresponding meaning.

Transaction Costs” has the meaning given to such term in the definition of “Transaction”.

Type” means, with respect to a Loan, its character as a Base Rate Loan or a Eurocurrency Rate Loan.

Unfunded Advances/Participations” means (a) with respect to the Administrative Agent, the aggregate amount, if any (i) made available to the Borrower on the assumption that each Lender has made available to the Administrative Agent such Lender’s share of the applicable Borrowing available to the Administrative Agent as contemplated by Section 2.12(b) and (ii) with respect to which a corresponding amount shall not in fact have been returned to the Administrative Agent by the Borrower or made available to the Administrative Agent by any such Lender, (b) with respect to the Swingline Lender, the aggregate amount, if any, of outstanding Swingline Loans in respect of which any Revolving Credit Lender fails to make available to the Administrative Agent for the account of the Swingline Lender any amount required to be paid by such Revolving Credit Lender pursuant to Section 2.04(c) and (c) with respect to any L/C Issuer, the aggregate amount, if any, of amounts drawn under Letters of Credit in respect of which a Revolving Credit Lender shall have failed to make Revolving Credit Loans or L/C Advances to reimburse such L/C Issuer pursuant to Section 2.03(c).

Unfunded Pension Liability” means the excess of the present value of a Plan’s benefit liabilities under Section 4001(a) of ERISA over the current value of such Plan’s assets, determined in accordance with assumptions used by the actuary to such Plan in its most recent valuation.

Uniform Commercial Code” or “UCC” means the Uniform Commercial Code as the same may from time to time be in effect in the State of New York or the Uniform Commercial Code (or similar code or statute) of another jurisdiction, to the extent it may be required to apply to any item or items of Collateral.

United States” and “U.S.” mean the United States of America.

Unreimbursed Amount” has the meaning specified in Section 2.03(c)(i).

Unrestricted Subsidiary” means (a) any Subsidiary of the Borrower designated by the Borrower as an Unrestricted Subsidiary hereunder by written notice to the Administrative Agent; provided that the Borrower shall only be permitted to so designate an Unrestricted Subsidiary after the Closing Date and so long as (i) no Default has occurred and is continuing or would result therefrom, (ii) no such Subsidiary or any of its Subsidiaries owns any Equity Interests or Indebtedness of, or owns or holds any Lien on any property of, the Borrower or any other Restricted Subsidiary of the Borrower that is not a Subsidiary of the Subsidiary to be so designated, (iii) such Unrestricted Subsidiary shall be capitalized (to