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SEC Filings

MEDPACE HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 12/08/2016
Entire Document


of years (calculated to the nearest one-twelfth) that will elapse between such date and the making of such payment; by (b) the then outstanding principal amount of such Indebtedness.

Wells Fargo Bank” means Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, a national banking association.

wholly owned” means, with respect to a Subsidiary of a Person, a Subsidiary of such Person all of the outstanding Equity Interests of which (other than (x) director’s qualifying shares and (y) shares issued to foreign nationals to the extent required by applicable Law) are owned by such Person and/or by one or more wholly owned Subsidiaries of such Person.

Write-Down and Conversion Powers” means, with respect to any EEA Resolution Authority, the write-down and conversion powers of such EEA Resolution Authority from time to time under the Bail-In Legislation for the applicable EEA Member Country, which write-down and conversion powers are described in the EU Bail-In Legislation Schedule.

Section 1.02Other Interpretive Provisions.  With reference to this Agreement and each other Loan Document, unless otherwise specified herein or in such other Loan Document:

(a)The meanings of defined terms are equally applicable to the singular and plural forms of the defined terms.

(b)The words “herein,” “hereto,” “hereof” and “hereunder” and words of similar import when used in any Loan Document shall refer to such Loan Document as a whole and not to any particular provision thereof.

(c)References in this Agreement to an Exhibit, Schedule, Article, Section, clause or sub-clause refer (i) to the appropriate Exhibit or Schedule to, or Article, Section, clause or sub-clause in this Agreement or (ii) to the extent such references are not present in this Agreement, to the Loan Document in which such reference appears.

(d)The term “including” is by way of example and not limitation.

(e)The term “documents” includes any and all instruments, documents, agreements, certificates, notices, reports, financial statements and other writings, however evidenced, whether in physical or electronic form.

(f)Unless the context requires otherwise, (A) any definition or reference to any agreement, instrument or other document (including any Organization Document) shall be construed in referring to such agreement, instrument or other document as from time to time amended, supplemented or otherwise modified (subject to any restrictions on such amendments, supplements or modifications set forth herein or in any other Loan Document).

(g)Any reference herein to any Person shall be construed to include such Person’s successors and assigns.

(h)In the computation of periods of time from a specified date to a later specified date, the word “from” means “from and including;” the words “to” and “until” each mean “to but excluding;” and the word “through” means “to and including”.