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MEDPACE HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 12/08/2016
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Section 1.06Times of Day.  Unless otherwise specified, all references herein to times of day shall be references to Eastern time (daylight savings or standard, as applicable).

Section 1.07Timing of Payment or Performance.  When the payment of any obligation or the performance of any covenant, duty or obligation is stated to be due or performance required on a day which is not a Business Day, the date of such payment (other than as specifically provided in Section 2.12 or as described in the definition of “Interest Period”) or performance shall extend to the immediately succeeding Business Day and such extension of time shall be reflected in computing interest or fees, as the case may be.

Section 1.08Currency Equivalents Generally.

(a)Any amount specified in this Agreement (other than in Articles II, IX and X or as set forth in clause (b) of this Section 1.08) or any of the other Loan Documents to be in Dollars shall also include the equivalent of such amount in any currency other than Dollars, such equivalent amount to be determined at the applicable Exchange Rate; provided that the determination of any Dollar Amount shall be made in accordance with Section 3.02; provided further that if any basket amount expressed in Dollars is exceeded solely as a result of fluctuations in applicable currency exchange rates after the last time such basket was utilized, such basket will not be deemed to have been exceeded solely as a result of such fluctuations in currency exchange rates.

(b)For purposes of determining the Secured Net Leverage Ratio and the Total Net Leverage Ratio, amounts denominated in a currency other than Dollars will be converted to Dollars for the purposes of (A) testing the financial covenants under Section 7.10, at the Exchange Rate in respect thereof as of the last day of the fiscal quarter for which such measurement is being made, and (B) calculating any Secured Net Leverage Ratio and any Total Net Leverage Ratio (other than for the purposes of determining compliance with Section 7.10), at the Exchange Rate as of the date of calculation, and will, in the case of Indebtedness, reflect the currency translation effects, determined in accordance with GAAP, of Swap Contracts permitted hereunder for currency exchange risks with respect to the applicable currency in effect on the date of determination of the Dollar equivalent of such Indebtedness.

(c)For the purposes of determining the Dollar Amount of any amount specified in Article II on any date, any amount in a currency other than Dollars shall be converted to Dollars at the Exchange Rate as of the most recent Exchange Rate Reset Date occurring on or prior to such date.

Section 1.09Change in Currency.

(a)Each obligation of any Loan Party to make a payment denominated in the national currency unit of any member state of the European Union that adopts the Euro as its lawful currency after the date hereof shall be redenominated into Euro at the time of such adoption (in accordance with the EMU Legislation).  If, in relation to the currency of any such member state, the basis of accrual of interest expressed in this Agreement in respect of that currency shall be inconsistent with any convention or practice in the London interbank market for the basis of accrual of interest in respect of the Euro, such expressed basis shall be replaced by such convention or practice with effect from the date on which such member state adopts the Euro as its lawful currency; provided that if any Borrowing in the currency of such member state is outstanding immediately prior to such date, such replacement shall take effect, with respect to such Borrowing, at the end of the then current Interest Period.

(b)Each provision of this Agreement shall be subject to such reasonable changes of construction as the Administrative Agent may from time to time specify to be appropriate to reflect the