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MEDPACE HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 12/08/2016
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drawn under any Letter of Credit (including for purposes of Section 2.03(g)), the amount of such Letter of Credit shall be determined in accordance with Section 1.10.  Each payment of fees required above under this clause (h) on any Letters of Credit denominated in an Alternative Currency shall be made in Dollars.  In addition, the Borrower shall pay directly to the applicable L/C Issuer for its own account the customary issuance, presentation, administration, amendment and other processing fees, and other standard costs and charges, of such L/C Issuer relating to letters of credit as from time to time in effect.  Such customary fees and standard costs and charges are due and payable within five Business Days of demand and are non‑refundable.

(i)Conflict with Letter of Credit Application.  In the event of any conflict between the terms hereof and the terms of any Letter of Credit Application, the terms hereof shall control.

(j)Reporting.  To the extent that any Letters of Credit are issued by an L/C Issuer other than the Administrative Agent, each such L/C Issuer shall furnish to the Administrative Agent a report detailing the daily L/C Obligations outstanding under all Letters of Credit issued by it under any Revolving Facility, such report to be in a form and at reporting intervals as shall be agreed between the Administrative Agent and such L/C Issuer; provided that in no event shall such reports be furnished at intervals greater than 31 days.  In addition, each L/C Issuer shall provide notice to the Administrative Agent of its L/C Commitment, or any change thereto, promptly upon it becoming an L/C Issuer or making any change to its L/C Commitment.

(k)Provisions Related to Extended Revolving Credit Commitments.  If the Maturity Date in respect of any Revolving Facility of Revolving Credit Commitments occurs prior to the expiration of any Letter of Credit, then (i) if one or more other tranches of Revolving Credit Commitments in respect of which the Maturity Date shall not have occurred are then in effect, such Letters of Credit shall automatically be deemed to have been issued (including for purposes of the obligations of the Revolving Credit Lenders to purchase participations therein and to make Revolving Credit Loans and payments in respect thereof pursuant to this Section 2.03) under (and ratably participated in by Lenders pursuant to) the Revolving Credit Commitments in respect of such non-terminating Revolving Facilities up to an aggregate amount not to exceed the aggregate principal amount of the Available Revolving Credit Commitments thereunder at such time (it being understood that no partial face amount of any Letter of Credit may be so reallocated) and to the extent any Letters of Credit are not able to be reallocated pursuant to this clause (i) and there are outstanding Revolving Credit Loans under the non-terminating Revolving Facilities, the Borrower agrees to repay all such Revolving Credit Loans (or such lesser amount as is necessary to reallocate all Letters of Credit pursuant to this clause (i)) or (ii) to the extent not reallocated pursuant to immediately preceding clause (i), the Borrower shall Cash Collateralize any such Letter of Credit in accordance with Section 2.16 but only up to the amount of such Letter of Credit not so reallocated.  Except to the extent of reallocations of participations pursuant to clause (i) of the immediately preceding sentence, the occurrence of a Maturity Date with respect to a given tranche of Revolving Credit Commitments shall have no effect upon (and shall not diminish) the percentage participations of the Revolving Credit Lenders in any Letter of Credit issued before such Maturity Date.

(l)Applicability of ISP98 and UCP.  Unless otherwise expressly agreed by the applicable L/C Issuer and the Borrower when a Letter of Credit is issued, (i) either (A) the rules of the “International Standby Practices 1998” published by the Institute of International Banking Law & Practice (or such later version thereof as may be in effect at the time of issuance) or (B) the rules of the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits, as most recently published by the International Chamber of Commerce, at the election of the applicable L/C Issuer, shall apply to each standby Letter of Credit and (ii) the rules of the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits, as most recently published by the International Chamber of Commerce at the time of issuance, shall apply to each commercial Letter of Credit.